10 Best Galaxy Note 3 Homescreens

Galaxy Note 3 is the new android phone from Samsung with lots of new features. In Android Smartphone and tablets you can easily make lots of customizations. You can use lots of free launchers, Widgets, Icon packs, Free android Themes and custom ROMs to change the default look of the phone. If you have the rooted device, then you will install custom ROM, MIUI themes and tweaks to customize the look, or speedup the performance of your device with rooted apps and tweaks.

You can also use Xposed Frameworks on your device to install some Xposed tools to tweak the theme and display of your device. With Xposed tool you can customize Samsung Stock ROMs without installing any custom rom on your device. Wanam Exposed is the one of them most Xposed Frameworks tool which allows you to change the System Interface using custom themes, change the icons and notification settings, Customize Quick Settings, change the clock position from the notification panel and change the colors of all the notification icons. Read here Use Wanam Xposed App to Customize Samsung Stock ROMs

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Today in this post we will share some of the best Galaxy Note 3 Homescreens, which you will use on your home screen and experience the new look on your device. Check some of the best Homescreen screenshot below.

Note 3 Home screen

App and icons used in the home screen are:- Action Launcher, Nox icons, Elegante UCCW clock skin by Pooley.

Note 3 Home screen 1

Nova launcher with holo icons and Clock widget from Google play store.

Note 3 Home screen 2

Application used Nova Launcher, Nox icon, Zooper widget and Widgetlocker app.

Note 3 Home screen3

Customize with Banx icons and wallpaper + Action Launcher.

Note 3 Home screen4

Nova launcher, nox icons, BeWeather widget.

Note 3 Home screen5

Zooper, smooth calendar and nox icon.

Note 3 Home screen 6

Apex launcher, Circle widgets with simi clock.

Note 3 Home screen 7

Googlistcal theme + Nova launcher.

Note 3 Home screen 8

Note 3 Home screen 9

Hope you like our list of Galaxy Note 3 Homescreens. Looking for more customization, icons, themes and wallpapers for your android, checkout out themes and customization section here.


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