Benefits Of Rooting Your Android Device

To Root or Not to Root Android Phone. Are you in the same situation and didn’t decide what to do. Today here we will tell you, why should you Root the Android Device or what are the benefits of your Rooted Device.

There are thousand of Android phones are available in the market and number of the Android users is increasing day by day. But the Android OS did not give you the full and complete control over the device. With rooting user can make changes in the OS and gain access to the entire file system, with full admin rights.

In early day rooting a android device is a difficult task, but these days there are lots of tools available which help you do this easily. In simple words “rooting” means to get to the root of the operating system and to have the ability to make global changes.

Here are the Advantages of Rooted Android Device

1. Custom ROM’s

Android Custom Rom
Android Custom Rom

There are lots of Custom ROM are available for the rooted device. Which allows you to increase the performance of your phone also allows you to change the complete look of your phone with themes and feel of your phone. You can find lots of customized ROM from Android forum and XDA forum.

2. Total Backup and Restore Solution

Android Backup
Android Backup

Another advantage of rooted Android Device is, you can take the full backup of your Android Device like music, images, videos, files, apps, System settings and more. So no need to worry about your files, also it allows you to restore them easily. There are so many Backup apps are available which works on rooted device and allows you take complete and full backup of your device. Read here Backup Android Device with These 6 Best Apps

3. Powerful Apps

Rooted Android Apps
Rooted Android Apps

Other Benefit of rooted device is you can install some of the best powerful rooted android app on your phone. There are tons of app available some of them are Hexamob Recovery Pro (recover files ), Keyboard Manager, LEDs Hack , Titanium Backup, ROM Manager and more.

4. Bloatware

Bloatware Android
Bloatware Android

Bloatware means Applications that are overloaded with features, there are lots of preinstalled apps are available on android device, which you can not use so much. And those apps take so much space and memory on Phone. With rooted device you can uninstall those app easily. This will helps your phone to run faster and increase the performance of device.

These are the advantage of rooting you Android Device, it also has two main disadvantages to rooting and Android phone.

1. Voids your phone’s warranty– Once you rooted your device rooted, don’t try to bring your phone back for service or warranty work. Because at the time of rooting you void the phone warranty.

2. Risk of “bricking” your phone – The phone is dead when it has been “bricked.” So before rooting read the guide carefully, if you did something wrong at the rooting process than you will damage your phone. If you are not following the instructions properly when rooting your device or flashing a new ROM, you may “brick” your device. So be careful and read the guide again and again.

So decision to root or no root is upto you, here we mentioned the benefits of rooted phone. Do remember that rooting voids your warranty. Although you can always go back to a stock version of the OS, it is risky business, hence proceed with caution.

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