Quick Guide to Sync iTunes Music Library With Android Mobile

If you recently moved from iPhone to Android smartphone and want to put all your iTunes Music library to your android mobile phone. If you are in the same situation how to sync all your iTunes Music Library to Android Mobile. Yes it is possible and with this way you can’t lose all of that by moving away from your iPhone. There are so many ways to move iPhone contacts to Android and other data. But to Sync iTunes Music Library With Android Mobile is not a easy task. So today in this guide we let you know How to sync iTunes music on to android phone?

This tutorial will demonstrate how to sync your iTunes library to your Android device using Google android applications. To do this all you hvae to install an androdi application on your new android smartphone and after that you can easily sync your iTunes with your Android mobile or tablet.

How to Sync iTunes Music Library With Android Mobile

1. Easy Phone Tunes

EasyTunes Sync iTunes with Android
EasyTunes Sync iTunes with Android

With the help of this free android application you can easily copy your whole iTunes library or a selected playlist to your new android phone or tablet. There is no limit on the number of tracks. For this you hvae to run two applications, one on your Android device and pother one your Windows or MAC. First run the desktop application and select the iIunes library on your desktop and after that Run the android Application on your device and move all your iTunes Music to your device. Works smoothly with all tracks from the iTunes store, except copy protected (DRM) tracks.

2. Synctunes

Synctunes free for iTunes
Synctunes free for iTunes

Another free android application to sync iTunes with android. The best part of this application is it allows you sync your iTunes data (e.g., music, videos, podcasts, etc.) over WiFi on your Android device. And the bad thing of this free application is that ti is only available for the Windows users and this will not work for MAC users and it does not properly handle DRM-protected tracks. To use this application to sync itunes on your android read this guide http://www.bitstudio.eu/synctunes-wireless/

But here is catch to use this application, Free version has a limit of syncing 100 songs/videos and one playlist. But the songs and video limits can be removed by upgrading to Premium which costs $3.25 USD

So with these free android application you can easily sync your iTunes songs with your Android tablet and mobile.

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  1. An easier way is to use Style Jukebox.

    It’s similar to Google Music, only that it’s cross-platform and has app for Windows too.
    You get Style Jukebox for your computer and any song you add there will be automatically uploaded to your Cloud account. You can upload up to 2000 songs for free.

    Then with any device you have (Android, WP or iOS) you can instantly access your music and playlists, from anywhere.

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