Import iPhone Contacts and Calender to Moto X with Motomaker

In our previous articles we shared some useful tips to transfer iPhone contacts to android Mobile and Content from iOS, Blackberry, Nokia to Samsung Android Mobile. Today in this guide we will show you how you can easily sync Contacts and Calenders from iCloud account to your Moto X android smartphone. Moto X is the latest smartphone from the Motorola and if you recently bought the Moto X, and coming in from an iOS device and want to sync all your Iphone contacts and calendar to your new phone, then you have to try the Motorola Motomaker. Motorola Motomaker is a online tool from Motorola, which allows you to import iPhone users’ contacts and calendar data.


As per the Motorola’s VP of Product Management Mr Punit Soni:-

We added the ability to migrate your iPhone contacts and calendar to the Moto X (from There is a long way to go, but its a start…
Hope folks who are transitioning from an iOS device find it useful.

To use this service all you have to log into your Apple iCloud account and after that you will easily start the transfer form your cloud account to your new Motorola Moto X. Though the application is in early development stages, but works properly on Moto X device. And yes very soon this feature is available for the other Motorola Smartphones.

To get started with the online tool visit this motorola motomaker page and follow the instruction on your device and desktop to complete the migration process from iOS ot Moto X. With this you can easily move all your iphone contacts and calendar to your newly owned Motorola Moto X smartphone.