Guide to Perform & Restore a NAndroid Backup Automatically & Manually

Android smartphone are powered with lots of awesome features and ability of customization. These lots of android phone are available in the market and most of the user are using the same for the daily important task like email, messaging, call, browsing etc. If you are a rooted android user and testing so many new Custom ROMS on your device. All these Custom ROMs are not official and developed by experienced Android developers. Before flashing the Custom ROM it is always recommended to take the Full backup of application and Stock ROM so that if something goes wrong at the time of Flashing Custom ROM or you don’t like the feature of Custom ROM you will be able to restore the Official Stock ROM back. This Backup Process is called NAndroid Backup, It will create the mirror image of the current state of the device which included all you installed data and Application with the Installed ROM on your device. In Simple word we can say, a full backup of your android with the with the Android OS. To perform this NAndroid backup you need a rooted device with Custom Recovery installed.

Today in this article we will guide you how to Perform & Restore a NAndroid Backup Automatically & Manually on your device. Manually Method is little bit lengthy, but one of the best way to taker complete backup. In Automatically you have to install an application on your device and you will run it directly form the hone screen of your device, no need to boot your device in recovery mode to take the Nandroid backup. To do this you should require an external SD card because all the backup files will saved on you external SD card not in the phone internal card, the reason to use is External SD card is that if you flash some custom ROM on your device it will remove all the files from your Internal phone Memory and you will lose all the backup files.

How to Perform NANDROID Backup Manually

Step 1. As we mention above to perform Nandroid backup you need a rooted phone with Custom Recovery.

Step 2. You hvae the Rooted device with recovery then Switch off your phone.

Step 3. Boot into Recovery mode as per your smartphone manufacturer instruction or read this guide how to enter recovery mode in Android.

Step 4. Form the Recovery menu select “Backup and restore” option > navigate to “Backup” > give “Yes” for confirmation.

How to do a Nandroid Backup
How to do a Nandroid Backup

Step 5. Now the backup process will run on your device and this will take few minutes to perform and the backup file will saved on your external SD card.

Step 6. Once the backup is finished, go back to the recovery menu and select reboot. Now the backup file is saved on your device external card ”/sdcard/clockworkmod/backup”.

Step 7. To restore the backup in future, again boot your device in recovery mode and select “Backup & Restore” option -> “restore” -> and select the Backup file you saved while performing the backup. This will restore the backup files on your device.

Perform NANDROID Backup Automatically

Download the Obackup Application from the Google play store on your device or use this link to download the app. OBackup is one of the best backup solution available for the Android devices, it helps you to take the Nandroid backup without booting your device. With this application you will create backups on a schedule and move the backup file on your cloud account. Read our full guide here Create Full Nandroid Backup of Android Device with Orange Backup

I hope, this guide will help you to understand more about Nandroid backup, If you face any problems with the guide, let us know through the comments.