Turn Off Your Android Mobile With a Single SMS

Day by day a new and useful application is available for the android device. Now one of the XDA forum member comes with a small android application which allows you to turn off your android mobile with a single SMS or in simple words we can say that an application to remotely turn of your android mobile Using SMS. There are tons of application which turn your device in to Web camera and Wireless keyboard mouse. But his one the new from which you can easily turn off your smartphone from anywhere with the helps of send a sms from any mobile number. This app is useful when you forget your mobile phone on your home or your friend takes off your phone from you at that time if you want to switch off your device all you have to send a SMS code to your number and your smartphone will automatically turn off.

The application is free to download, but to use this application on your android smartphone you need a rooted device. If you don’t have the rooted device then this application will not work on your device. To root your android device visit this site, here you can find lots of guide to root android mobile and tablets. So lets take a look how to install this application on the Rooted smartphone and how the application works.

Turn Off Android
Turn Off Android

How to Turn Off You Android Mobile With a Single SMS

Step 1. Download the application “Remote Turn off” first on your desktop, You can find the download link of the application at the end of this post.

Step 2. Once the application is saved on your desktop. Connect your rooted device with computer via USB cable and copy the application Zip files on your device.

Step 3. Turn off you device and reboot the device in recovery mode. Once your are in the recovery mode select the option of “install zip from sd card” to select the zip package “Remote Turn off” app in your device.

Step 4. Once the application is installed on your device reboot the system now from the recovery menu.

Step 5. Now run the application on your device, Enter “null” as the current code. (case sensitive) and enter anything in the “Enter new Code” as you wish as your keyword to turn off your device.

Turn Off You Android Mobile With a Single SMS
Turn Off You Android Mobile With a Single SMS

Step 6. Once the setup code is saved on the application. To check the application working fine or not, use other mobile to send SMS code to your mobile number. Once the SMS received on your device the device will autocratically off.

That’s it now the application is installed on your device an you can turn off your device with a sms form anywhere. Looking for more android application, check out our Android apps section here!

Download Remote Turn off Application

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