Nokia 808 PureView with 41MP Camera

Today at MWC 2012 Nokia comes with a big surprise, Nokia has announced a brand new device with 41 MP camera. The new smartphone is called the Nokia 808 Pureview and comes with 41 megapixel camera which uses Nokia’s latest pixel oversampling technology combined with Carl Zeiss optics. It has also a 4″ OLED display, 1.3GHz processor with 512MB of RAM and runs Symbian Belle. It also includes full HD 1080p video recording.


Jo Harlow, executive vice president of Nokia Smart Devices:

“Nokia PureView imaging technology sets a new industry standard by whatever measure you use. People will inevitably focus on the 41 megapixel sensor, but the real quantum leap is how the pixels are used to deliver breath-taking image quality at any resolution and the freedom it provides to choose the story you want to tell.”

The Nokia 808 Pure view is priced at 450 EURO, you will be pleased to hear that it is expected to roll out in May. Let me know your thoughts about the new Nokia 808 41MP camera phone in the comments below, or over on Facebook.

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