Kaspersky Parental Control Apps for Android, iOS

Kaspersky is one of the largest Internet security company, recently they announced the two new mobiles application for Android Mobiles and Apple iOS. The App is known as Kaspersky Parental Control, which allows mobile user to block inappropriate content for safe browsing. These Kaspersky Parental Control Apps provides an easy and better way to protect your kids when they’re online using the mobile browser.

kaspersky parental control apps

Kaspersky Parental Control Apps are now in beta stage, you can download the Kaspersky Parental Control App for Android here, iOS users have to wait for some more time as the app should be available for a download by the end of this month. Kaspersky Parental Control for iOS-based devices provides a web browser (SafeBrowser), which helps the iOS user to block harmful and inappropriate web content. The app will work on all iOS device like iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

With Kaspersky Parental Control iOS App apple users can block objectionable websites and content, and restrict the usage of applications using the standard iOS feature set. Users can locate these settings by tapping Settings > General > Restrictions on there iOS devices. By using these setting parents can limiting the apps that can be installed on a phone, parents don’t have to worry about their children using a web browser other than SafeBrowser or being tricked into downloading malicious applications. So just wait form some more days to use the App on your iOS devices.

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