MyBackup Pro, Best App For Android Backup

MyBackup Pro is one of the best Android app in android market, which helps you to backup all your Applications, Photos, Contacts, Call log, Browser Bookmarks, SMS (text messages), MMS, Calendar, System Settings, Home Screens (including shortcut positions), Alarms, Dictionary, Music Playlists on SD card or RerWare’s online secured servers.

So if you lost your android phone, you can restore the phone’s data and applications easily on the existing or new phone. All online data is kept private and secure.

Features of MyBackup Pro Android App:

· Ability to backup both, data and application install APK files.
· Data can be backed up to our online Secured Server. In case of a lost phone (or damaged phone/memory card), information is still retrievable.
· Automatic scheduled backups.
· Device, and Online, data viewers allow you to view your backed up data without the need to restore the data.
· MyBackup Pro backs up more data than anyone else on Android.
· The 3rd most popular paid Android application in any category on the Android Market.
· Over 94% customer satisfaction rating.
· All Android phones and versions supported.
· Has the best cross-Android-platform support available in a backup application.

Download MyBackup Pro Android App here

4 thoughts on “MyBackup Pro, Best App For Android Backup”

  1. Hi there i downloaded my backup pro and create a backup file, by accedent i deleted the file how do I restore deleted back up file?

  2. MyBackup Pro may earn its standing as best Android backup in that it is the most complete that does not require a rooted device. I ultimately uninstalled it, however, for two primary reasons: (1) I could not easily find a way to modify a scheduled backup–in any way, to change the time or content. It is a real nuisance to have to delete a scheduled backup and then construct a new backup in its place; and without having kept a list of my initial settings, I had to figure out all over again what I wanted to back up, in addition creating a new complete backup, leaving the old one taking up space; which brings me to point (2): After going through all this just to change the time of a backup, I ended up using up all my free space. I then went into the “Manage” function and found that useless to delete the backup that was taking up the most cloud space; and I fared no better from the website. The only easy and practical solution this software offers in this situation is to purchase more on-line storage, which at $2/month (for how much storage, I forget, but at least 1G, is affordable, but more expensive than that for a competing product, G Cloud.

    This is unfortunate, because the product is solid and easy to use in addition to being very complete. The ability to choose between storing on an SD card or in the Cloud is another feature not shared by all competitors. In the end, though, it provides the user with inadequate controls with which to modify backup parameters or to clean up one’s backup space.

  3. I’ve been searching for a complete Android back up tool.

    I need to back up the entire contents of my Android, including the Contacts and all the information stored in those contacts (Notes, multiple phone numbers, email addresses, postal address, Organization, IM, websites, nickname). Most of the backup software, including Google, only backs up the first and last name and one or more phone numbers. That’s NOT a good backup. The NOTES are VERY important to me because that’s where I save my medication and other health information.

    Does this software perform a COMPLETE backup, including ALL portions of the Contacts?

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