Install Android M Launcher on With Google Search on Android

As we all know that Android M is the next version of Android OS, and recently Google introduced the Android M Developer Preview. The next version will comes with lots of new features and more stability. If you want to test the Android M version on your android device and want to see the new Android M Launcher on your phone. Here in this guide we’ll show you how to install the Android M Launcher With Google Search on your android device. The process is very simple and take a few minutes and no need to root your p[hone or flash any file via recovery. All you have to install some apk file on your phone and you are done. So let’s take a look how to do that.


Android M Launcher

Step 1. To install Android M Launcher on your device, you need to install two files on your Android Lollipop Device.

Step 2. Download Android M Velvet.apk (Google App version) here and copy on your phone.

Step 3. Now Download Google Now Launcher apk ( version) and copy in phone memory.

Step 4. Now install both the file on your phone. And after that set Google Now Launcher as your default launcher. App drawer is now arranged alphabetically.

Now the Android M Launcher is installed on your phone Enjoy

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  1. I did try to remove the launcher and even by changing the launcher but still it is the same m launcher and I am not liking this launcher

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