Guide to Play Flash Video and Games on Android 4.4 and Other Devices

Whenever you try to play some flash video files, play gamer or browse Flash web sites you will get the error on your Android smartphone and can play those file on your smartphone. The reason behind this is that Adobe stopped supporting Android devices back in the 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich days. But that doesn’t mean you can’t play any Flash files on your device, there are so many way which you can use on your device to run the Adobe Flash Files. You can also read our previous tutorial to Install Adobe Flash Player on Android. But if you recently updated your device with the latest Android 4.4 Kitkat, then this method will not work on most of the devices.

Today, in this post we will show you another and much easier way to run Flash Video and Games on Android smartphone and tablets. The process is pretty simple and doesn’t require the root access on your smartphone or tablet. All you have to install a free android application form the Google play store and you will be able to browse Flash enabled websites.

Install Puffin Web Browser to Play Flash Files on Android

Go the play store from your device and install the Puffin Web Browser application, you can find the direct download link at the end of this tutorial. It’s quick, light weight web browser powered with lots of awesome features such as Free Adobe Flash Support, Download to Cloud, Theater Mode, Track pad, Gamepad, Incredible Loading Speed, Fastest JavaScript Engine etc.

Puffin Web Browser Free

With the help of theater mode feature you can watch the flash video on the bigger screen. This will darken all areas of the screen other than the video that you are playing.


The browser also supports the Gamepad feature which you can use to play Flash games easily. You can access the Gamepad feature from the bottom right side of the browser screen.


If you want to run flash based website, then this is the best application to play all type of flash sites on your android device. The application is available in two version free and paid, you can download them both from the Google play store.

Download Puffin Web Browser Here