How to Use Swipe To Delete in Gmail on Android

Gmail app for android is easy to use and one of simple application, now gmail app has some new features like Pinch to Zoom, Swipe to Delete, and more. One of the features we like most on the new app is Swipe To Delete email in Gmail. With this way you deleted any email with a swipe, no need to hit delete button on the app, just swipe your fingers on mail and you are done.

By default, the swipe gesture is set to archive or delete a message, but you can change it to delete from the settings of the Gmail App, but make sure that you running the latest version of Gmail app on your Android device. So below is the small tutorial in which show how you can enable the Swipe To Delete feature on your device and how to use it.

Swipe to Delete Gmail Feature

Step 1. First you have to check that you have the Gmail application version 4.2 or above installed on your device. If not then upgrade your app from the Google play store to proceed.

Step 2. Now open the Gmail app on your Android device and tap on the menu button select Settings > General Settings.

Step 3. The next screen will display the settings related to the Gmail application. Now here you have to change some setting to enable the Swipe to Delete feature on your Gmail. Click on ‘Swiping Conversation List’ option from the setting to follow the next method.

Swiping Conversation List

Step 4. On the next screen you can see the 3 options First is to disable the feature, Second is the default option and Third is to Delete. So here you have to select the third option ‘Always Delete’.

Swipe to Delete Settings

Step 5. Now the setting is saved on your Gmail app, go back to the Gmail inbox and Swipe the Finger on the Email that you want to delete. That’s it now the email is deleted from the inbox.

Delete Email with Swipe

With this way you can delete emails easily with a finger swipe. So next time when you want to delete a message just simply swipe your finger across the message and it will be deleted.

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  1. In their effort to keep as much of your data around as possible, google has removed the ability to delete by swiping in the latest GMail (4.5). You can now only archive by swiping and they have hidden the delete button by default (thankfully that can be added back via settings). Google is really insidious wrt stuff like this, IMHO.

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