Guide to Fix OnePlus Google Play Service Crash Error

Unfortunately, Google Play Services Has Stopped or Google Play Service are stopped or crashed, are these crashing errors you are receiving on your Oneplus one Android smartphone. Here in this guide, we’ll show you to how to fix all these Google play services errors on your Oneplus one. Most of the users who recently updated their phone with the latest CM12s are facing this kind of problem and most of the time these errors flash on their screen. And recently one of our readers approaches and ask us a question how to fix them.

Guide to Fix OnePlus Google Play Service Crash Error

There are so many reasons that you are getting this error like the rom is not flashed properly or some cache problems. Sometimes a simple reboot will solve this problem, but if it comes again and again then follow the below method. Tested in some of our readers and our device and now the error is gone. Oneplus one is running smooth and without any app crashes.

How to fix Google Play Services Has Stopped Erros

We had the same problem on our Oneplus one. The solution was…

Settings –> Apps –> All –> Options (the 3 vertical dots in the right top corner) –> Reset App Preferences. Then reboot your phone.

Enjoy :)