Can’t Decide Which Android Phone Suits to You – Use Google Web tool To Find it

There are thousands of new android phone as available in the market and sometimes it’s difficult to choose the one which suits to you. Most of the time you can’t decide which android phone is worth for you and fulfill your basic needs. Now, you don’t have to face that situation to selecting the phones. The search giant Google has just launched a new landing page on, which allows you to find the best android smartphone for you as per your needs. With the help of this free web tool you can easily compare the phone and check out features of the phones at one place.

The tool is very simple to use all you have to select some option as per your needs. Like if you looking for a phone with a better camera, then you have to select the camera option and all the other features you are looking on the camera. And the tool will provide you the list of the best smartphones which comes with the descent camera features.


One of the fastest and easiest way to compare phone at one place. Once you have chosen your needs that you are looking on the phone, all Google needs to know is which carrier you want the device on or you can choose it later. If you like what you see, Google lists purchase links directly on the page.

If you are planning to buy a new android phone for yourself or your loved ones then you have to must try this free tool from Google and find out which phones suits to your lifestyle and this will help you to get the best available phone in the market for your. Check out Google’s online phone finder tool right here.