App Eater: Fastest Way to Batch Uninstall Apps on Any Android

In Google play store you will find thousand of application to remove the apps from the Android device or you can also use the default method to remove the application. But none of comes with the batch uninstall feature. With batch uninstall feature feature you can deleted all the unwanted app with a single click, no need to remove all the app one by one and this will take so much time to remove the clutter form the android. Not only can it remove many apps at once, you can create a widget on your homescreen to easily uninstall the last app you opened. Other feature we like about the application that you can also locked the application so that no one can uninstall it easily from your phone or tablet.


The app is free to download and you can download it directly form the Google play store. Once the application is installed on your device, run it on your home screen and it will be greeted by its start-up screen. Once the first screen it will show you the list of recently installed or last updated apps. You will also see the total number of apps that you’ve uninstalled from your Android system.


To view the wholes list of the application, click on the “List View” option on the top-right area of your screen. Now you will the full list if application on your screen. Just click on the app that you want to remove and then tap the “Eat App” bar that is located on the bottom of your screen. See the screenshot below:-


With the same you can select multiple app on the screen and uninstall all of them with a single click. On the same screen you will see the “Lock” icon next to apps,with this feature you can secure the apps that you don’t want to be removed.

Download App Eater Android App here