How to Recover Photos and Videos for Free [Android]

How to Recover Deleted Photos and Videos from Android phone free? One of out reader asked us this question in the comments sections. Most of the time we accidently deleted som photos and videos from the phone, and there is no recycle folder on the Android phone, so we can’t restore all those deletes images and videos. Don’t worry here is the guide which you can follow on your android phone and restore all your deleted data quickly.

No need to buy any paid application or PC application to recover your deleted images. All you need a rooted phone and one application called Dr. Fone. Yes, this is the free app, and you can download the same from the Google plays store. But to run this app, you need a rooted phone., To root your phone check out this website called and root your android phone.


Recover Deleted Photos and Videos

To get started, open the Google play store application on your phone, and search for the Dr.Fone – Recover deleted data application. You can find the direct link to the application at the end of this guide.

Once the Application is installed on your rooted Android phone. Allow the SupeSu permission for the app and you can see some Tabs on the screen like Photos and Video Recovery, Messages Recovery, Contacts Recovery, etc.


Photos and Video Recovery is free to use and to use other services you need to buy the pro version of this application. From here Tap on the Photos and Video Recovery, and select the format of the file that you want to restore on your android phone.


Now the scanning process will start on your phone, and this will take some time. Once the process is finished, you will see all the removed images and video on the page. Tap on the file which you want to recover and restore that image or video on your phone.


Direct Link of Youtube Video
With this simple free Android application, you can easily restore all your deleted photos and videos.

Download Dr.Fone – Recover deleted data