How to Wipe Android Data Properly Before Selling it

Recently Avast Antivirus warned that the “factory reset” function on Android phones doesn’t actually delete data and most of the data will easily restored. Recently the company bought the 20 used Android smartphones on eBay and almost recovered a lots of data like images, videos and owner details. By using some forensic tools such as FTK Imager Avast recovered lots of the data from all those smartphone which are wiped before selling on the ebay.

Now the question is how can you protect yourself from the future owner of your device or how do remove all the data permanent form your android before selling it to someone. So today here we are sharing a guide which you can follow on your device and wipe your android data properly. Here’s what you can do.

Wipe Android Data

1. Select Encrypt phone

We recommend encrypting your device before you are getting ready to wipe it. With this option you can scramble the data on your device and you need a special key to unscramble it. To enable this option go the Settings >> Security >> Encrypt phone.


2. Perform a factory reset

Once the encryption is enabled do the factory rest on your phone. To do this all you have to Factory data reset in your android phone. Go to the Backup & reset >> Factory data reset. This will remove all the data on your device.


Or Use Avast Through Wipe


Or you can install the Avast Anti theft application from the Google play store and enable the “Thorough Wipe” option and do the Factory reset on your device. This option not only helps you to erase your, but also overwrite your data

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  1. I don’t believe the Factory Data Reset does a thorough wipe — not even a one pass format. I believe it’s next to worthless for deleting private data.

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