Universal Unroot App Helps you to Unroot Any Android Device

If you have the rooted android phone or tablets and looking for easy solution to unroot you device in simple clicks. Now you can do this easily unroot you android without using third party desktop application. Yes you heard it right now it is possible with the Universal Unroot android application. There are so many advantages and benefit of rooting the android device such as you can enjoy rooted app on your device, use custom ROMs and more. But there are some disadvantages also such as you are not able to received official OTA update on rooted device, void your device warranty. That means in future if you are facing some problem with your rooted device then you can’t claim the warranty. So at that time you have to unroot your device to claim the warranty from the manufacturer.

Universal Unroot App is one of the best and useful method to unroot you android phone in very simple, all you have to just install the application on your rooted device and run the application once. This app is the simplest one-tap unroot solution out there till date for any and all rooted devices. Follow the below guide to unroot you any device with this universal unroot android application.


Before using this application on your rooted device, one thing you have to remember that the app only provides permanent unroot and if you are looking for a temporary unroot app, this is not for you and don’t try this on your rooted device. Universal Unroot will Unroot ANY Android powered device that is already Rooted and has a form of Superuser installed. Just go to the Google play store and download the application on your device, to download this application you have to pay Rs 54 or $0.99, Developer also promises to refund your money or add support for your device if it does not work for you. So in case the app doesn’t work on your device then you can get the refund.

After installing the application on your device, run the application and hit the ‘Unroot’ button to remove the su binary and any Superuser app on the device. After this within a minutes your device is completely uprooted. If you’re looking for a one click unroot app, then this app is really very useful for you. Must have application for those rooted android device users who are trying to complete a warranty return with a carrier for a defective device hardware or a repair.

Download Universal Unroot Android App