Superfast Way To Find Your Android Files – Search Everything App

If you are an Android Phone user and your mobile is full of your personal files like images, documents, app, video or any other file. To search any specific file form the list of the thousand of files is one of the most difficult task. There are tons of app are available in Google play store which allows to search files easily, but most of them takes so much space on the mobile and also very slow. Today we found a new application called Search Everything, a file search app that scans your file system and indexes it. Then filters the list by your search term. The result is a fast almost instant results. It operates much like the program “Everything” on windows. The application is free to download and works on all of the android devices.

The app is must for all those android users who have lots of files on their device and want easy access to them. Currently the app is still in early stages of development. And in the future you will see some more features on the application. Lets take a look how the app works on the Android smartphone.


Visit the Google play store application on your mobile and install the Search Everything App, you can find the direct download link at the end of this post. Once the application is installed on your phone, run it form the homescreen and Search Everything looks for all files in the device and it will index them. After that, whenever you type something on the search bar, the results for any matching string will appear right in front of your eyes almost instantly.


Once the search is complete you can directly open the file form the same screen and view the file easily. You can open any type of file from the app like mp3, jpeg, txt, video etc.


The app has some other features also like Features Ability to force open files with other apps, Sharing of search items, Delete files, Open location of files and folders.

Download Search Everything Android App Here