Guide to Root Sony Xperia Z Mobile (Unlocked Bootloaders Only)

XDA forum member DooMLoRD has rooted the new Sony Xperia Z before the launch of device globally and comes with the guide how to root Sony Xperia Z. The new Sony Xperia Z Mobile is powered with Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean on a gorgeous 5″ 1080p full HD screen. Currently the new smartphone is available only in Japan and France market, but very soon it is going to launch globally. According to the XDA member Doomlord the modification of the CF-Auto-Root for the Nexus 4 helped him to root the Sony Xperia Z.

This root method will works only on Xperia Z Firmware Version 10.1.A.1.350 smartphones with an Unlocked Bootloader Only. So before following this guide double check the firmware of your device and Don’t forget to Unlock the boot loader of your Sony Xperia Z. You can unlock the bootloader of your Xperia Z from the Sony Mobile website. And also read our guide what are the Benefits to root Android device here.

DISCLAIMER:- We will not be held responsible if you lose data or your device gets damaged in the following of this guide. Do it with your own risk.

 Root Sony Xperia Z
Root Sony Xperia Z

Points to Remember Before Rooting Sony Xperia Z

1. Unlocked bootloader.

2. Works only on Sony Xperia Z Firmware version: 10.1.A.1.350

How to Root Sony Xperia Z Mobile

Step 1. Take the backup of your device with these free android applications.

Step 2. Download Modified CF-Auto-Root kernel and Insecure stock kernel on your desktop

Step 3. After Downloading the above files on your desktop, rename the modified kernel to ‘mkernel’ and the stock kernel to ‘skernel’.

Step 4. Now copy all these renamed files on the folder where you have the fastboot file.

Step 5. Now reboot your device into Bootloader/ Fastboot mode. You can do this by turning your device off and then holding the ‘Volume Up’ key as you plug in the USB cable

Step 6. Once you are in fast-mode, navigate to Fastboot folder and there open an COmmand Prompt window.

Step 7.
Now in the Coommand Promt window, enter the following commands:-

fastboot flash boot mkernel.img
fastboot reboot

Step 8. Now the device will start booting and you will get indication on screen saying (Device will reboot in 10 seconds). Once the device boots up, disconnect the USB cable from the deivce and hold down both ‘Power’ and ‘Volume Up’ buttons till the phone vibrates thrice. The phone is now powered off.

Step 9. Now again connect the device in Fastmode and enter the following command on command prompt window.

fastboot flash boot skernel.img
fastboot reboot

Step 10. That’s it, now you have to Download Busybox Installer from Market and install it at /system/xbin/

Now your new Sony Xperia Z Mobile is rooted and now you’re free to install rooted application on your device, also you can enjoy custom ROMs on your rooted Sony Xperia Z.