Simple Trick to Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages

Here we are going to show you, how to Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages. Yes, it’s possible and you can read all the deleted Whatsapp messages on your phone. Though WhatsApp has no official feature that lets you retrieve deleted messages on your android phone. But with this simple trick, you can read those deleted messages which your friends didn’t want you to read! This method is only for Android phone users and this will now work on iOS.

Read WhatsApp Deleted messages

This is a tried and tested process. And works on any Android phone. This way you can check all the deleted messages on your android phone. To read the deleted WhatsApp messages you’ll need to download a free android application called NotiSave, you can get this app from the Google Play store.

How to see deleted WhatsApp messages

1. Download the NotiSave app from Google Play Store and install it on your Android phone.

2. Once the app is installed on the phone open it and accept the terms and conditions. Notably, the app contains advertisements as it is free of cost. For the app to work you will need to provide access to the phone’s notifications. If you agree with it, click on the YES button to get started.

3. Once that’s done, the app will start keeping a log of every notification you’ve received, including WhatsApp messages.

4. After this even if the other person deletes the WhatsApp messages on his or her phone, you’ll be able to read the same message with the help of the Notisave app. This doesn’t change the nature of the message on WhatsApp though.

5. Additionally, the Notisave app gives you the option to respond to messages without closing or leaving the app. The app also comes in handy to read the notifications you’ve accidentally swiped away.

So this way you can read all the deleted Whatsapp messages on your Android phone.