Mi Sans font MIUI 13 Font Download Now for Your Xiaomi

Day by day lots of MIUI 13 Leaks are coming, recently MIUI 13 Launcher and MIUI 13 Gallery leaked and now the Mi Sans font MIUI 13 Font is available for download. Yes, in the upcoming version of MIUI 13 we will see some new fonts and Mi Sans font is one of them. Actually, there are 2 fonts that were leaked. Mi Protoype 210317 and Mi Sans. Mi Prototype is a bold version of Mi Sans font.

MIUI 13 FontMIUI 13 Font

These two new fonts will replace the old MIUI 12 Mi Lan Pro VF (Little Milan Pavilion Pro VF) font that is currently used by Xiaomi on his phones. If you want to use Mi Sans font on your Xiaomi phone you can use the mtz theme. Below we will show you how you can use these new fonts on your phone. All you have to import one MTZ file on your Xiaomi phone and after that you can use this new Mi Sans font MIUI 13 Font on your xiaomi phone.

Currently, MIUI 13 beta builds are in testing and very soon we will see the public beta build for some Xiaomi phones by the end of this month.

MIUI 13 Font Download

Download Mi Sans font MIUI 13 Font here

Download the MTZ file of MIUI 13 from the above mention link and import the file into the theme app, once the MTZ file is imported, go to the Local Fonts option in the theme app and apply the new MI Sans MIUI 13 font on your Xiaomi phone.