How to Take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S4 Phone

Capture Screenshot or take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S4 phone is so easy. No need to install any application or root your device to capture screenshot on your Galaxy S4 mobile. Now the question is why to capture screenshot, screenshots are always useful to create tutorial about phone or to to share your new homescreen setup with your friends. If you bought the new Galaxy S4 and don’t know how to take capture the screenshot on your your Galaxy S4. So here in this post we let you know how you can do this easily on your Galaxy S4. Follow the steps below to take screenshot on your Samsung galaxy S4.

You can capture the screenshot in your device with two simple ways, both are easy to use and one is method is the new feature in Galaxy S4 phone. Which you can’t find in any other android phones. So let take a look how to screen capture on Galaxy S4.

Take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S4
Take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S4

1. Capture Screen Shot on Galaxy S4 with Palm Swipe

Yes you can do this with place the palm of your hand on the screen of Galaxy S4. To do this first you have to enable Palm motion feature on your Galaxy S4. This one is the new feature on the Galaxy s 4 devices. To do this go to Settings -> Motions and gestures -> Palm motion, you can enable or disable the “Palm motion” option from here. Then turn on the ‘Capture Screen’ option.

After enabling this feature on your Galaxy S4, you can capture the screen shot with your Palm Swipe. Make sure that you phone is not locked when taking the screenshot on your device. Now Place the palm of your hand on the screen of S4 and swipe your hand to left to right or right to left to take the screenshot. The screenshot will be saved instantly. At that time you can hear the camera shutter sound and you will see the notification on the status bar that screenshot is saved on clipboard. Now go tot your Samsung Galaxy S4 gallery, here you can find the captured screenshot.

2. Take Screen Shot With Hardware Buttons

Another easy way to capture screenshot, no need to activate any setting on your device. You can do this easily with the Home and Power hardware buttons of your Galaxy S4 phone. To do this, simply press power key and home button at the same time. Hold both the keys at the same time and your galaxy S4 screenshot is captured and saved it into your Galaxy S4 gallery.

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