How to Remotely Wipe Data, Lock & Find iPhone, iPad

With the release of new iOS 5, Apple added lots of new features in in iOS 5 such split keyboard, iCloud, Emoji Keyboard, Twitter integration and all. One of the best option we like most in iOS 5 is iCloud, it will help you in lots of ways. It allows you to take backup of your device in Cloud and with the help of this option you can track your lost iPhone and iPad easily, also lock the device remotely and and also wipe the data remotely.

To do all this you have to setup iCloud seeting on you device, you can setup the iCloud on your device from here. After the iCloud setup on your device, you are ready to enjoy the feature of iCloud. Do the following step below to know hot to Remotely Wipe Data, Lock the device and Fin the iPhone and iPad.

1. Log in to your iCloud web interface here

2. Now Sign in with your Apple ID and password

3. After the login you can see lots of option on iCloud dashboard, Click Find my iPhone there. This feature is also available for iPad and iPod also.

4. Now on the Map you can track the Device, click on the location of device and you can see the options Remote Lock an Remote Wipe.

5. With Remote Wipe option you can remote all you data from lost Device easily and With Remote Lock feature you can Lock your device with passcode.


Video Tutorial:-

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