Guide to Root And Restore/Unroot Nexus 5 On Android 4.4.2 – Complete Stock

Today in this guide we will show how you can easily unlock and root your Nexus 5 smartphone and how you can go back easily on Stock Firmware and Unroot your phone. There are so many benefits of rooting which you will read here, once your device is rooted you can enjoy lots of custom rom on your device, Install Rooted apps, install tweaks and do lots of customization. To root your nexus 5 first you have to unlock the bootloader of your phone.

Once you unlocked the bootloader of your device or root the device you will lose the warranty of your phone. To get back the warranty of your device you have to again lock the boot-loader and unroot your device and flash the official Nexus image on the device. With this way you can get back the warranty of your phone and safe enough to send back to Google/carrier.

If you are interested in any of those things in the future, then read the below mention guide carefully and follow all the step on your device and computer. This tutorial is only for the Nexus 5 users who are on the latest official Android 4.4.2 firmware. Don’t try this Method on any of other nexus devices.

Nexus 5 Root and Unroot Guide

WARNING:- Unlocking Bootloader and Rooting may Void your Phone’s Warranty and we or developers are not responsible if you brick your device or damage by following this tutorial.

This will remove all data from your phone, do take the backup of your device. Read our guide here how to take the backup of android smartphone.

How To Root Nexus 5 on Android 4.4.2

Root Nexus 5

To root your device first unlock the bootloader of your device, after that all you have to flash CWM Recovery and SuperSu on your Nexus 5 to get the root access. The guide is pretty simple and take a few minutes to complete the task. Read the Full guide here with Step by Step Instruction.

How to Restore/Unroot Nexus 5

Unroot Nexus 5

To unroot the device all you have to flash the stock rom on your phone and lock the bootloader again. To do this you have to download the latest android 4.4.2 for Nexus 5 on your PC and Flash the same on your device with ADB commands. So before that you have to install the Android ADB and Fastboot drivers on your PC. Read the Full guide here with Step by Step Instruction

Hope you enjoyed the guide and everything goes right for you. In case you get stuck at certain step or have a question, feel free to write a comment.