Get Music Lyrics for any Song on Your Android Phone

Music Lyrics of the songs always helps you to the understand the meaning of the song and its easy to remember the songs word by word. All the android mobile phones are powered with Google music player, which you will use to listen the music, but the application didn’t provide you any option to get the lyrics of playing track on your device. There are other lots of free music player are available in Google play store which has some useful features, but most of them didn’t provide you any option to search the lyric of your favorite music track. So today in this post we will show you how to grab the lyrics of your favorite song on your Android phone or tablet. All you have to install the musiXmatch Music Lyrics Player application form the Google play store and it will add lyrics for all of your songs automatically. All you hvae to play the song on the music player and you will see the lyrics on the same screen. Simple and easy to use application with lots of other features such as Equalizer and Cover Art fixing, Spotify Notification, Search for Lyrics by typing words, artist name, song title and lots more.

To get started, open the Google play store on your android and search for the musiXmatch Music Lyrics Player and install the same on your device. Or you can find the download link at the end of this post.

Download musiXmatch Music Lyrics Player here

Once the installation is completed on your device, open the application and it will automatically start to scan any music files that are saved on your device. Once the track process will complete, you will see all the song list on your application screen. From the list of the song play any song and you will automatically see the lyrics on the same music screen.

Get Music Lyrics

Not only this the application has other features too. One we like most is Get instant Lyrics notifications from other music players. To use this feature tap on the MusicID option from the app main screen and capture a song that is playing in some other device like television, Stereo, or any other music player. And with in a few second the application will show you the lyrics of the song on your phone screen. A nice way to find the name and lyrics of other song which are not store3d on your phone.

Search Music Lyrics

Check video Demo Below:-

The application is free to download with +20 million users in the world and this could be useful for karaoke and other fun activities and it also helps you discover new music no matter where you are.

Download musiXmatch Music Lyrics Player here