Disable Android Connections Automatically and Save Battery – LeanDroid

These days all of us using the smartphones with larger display and some powerful features, and most of the android users are facing issues with the battery life. There’s a few ways to fix this battery problem of android or some useful application which helps you to Increase Android Battery Life. The most common cause of draining battery in Android are all the connection like WiFi, Bluetooth, 3g etc. By turning them off you can easily save lots of battery on your device. So XDA Senior Member Flyview comes with an new application called LeanDroid, which can disable your WiFi, data, and Bluetooth connections automatically when your screen is switched off, and switch them back on when the screen is active.

If you’ve got and Android handset then LeanDroid looks to be a good solution. It’ll disable WiFi, mobile data and Bluetooth at a certain time after your screen has been disabled. With this way you can automatically disable all your connection on your device when your device screen is off. It was also optimized to use less RAM and take as little internal storage as possible.


To get started visit the Google play store and install the LeanDroid app on your device, you can find the direct download link of the app at the end of this guide. The application is available in Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and French. The app works on every Android version starting from Froyo onward. If you are using KitKat in versions 4.4.1 and 4.4.2, be sure not to swipe LeanDroid away from recent apps. On the main screen of the application you will you lots of option like Disable Wifi, Data, Bluetooth etc.


From here all you hvae tot select the connection which you want to turn off when your phone screen is off. Also select the time interval to disable all the connection on your phone or tablet. You can also specify exceptions. For example, if your battery drops below a particular level, the app won’t reactivate your connections at all.

Download LeanDroid App here