Block Google Ads from Android Apps with Xposed Module [Xad]

Whenever you play some games on your android mobile or run some application you will see some Google ads on the screen, and most of the users don’t like those ads want to block them permanently. In Google play store you can’t find a single application which allows you to block all these kind of ads permanently. But with a simple modification you can do this easily on your android smartphone or tablets. All you need a rooted device the latest version of Xposed Framework. After that you need to install the Xad Xposed Module on your device to block all the ads. Today, this guide I’ll show you how you can do this easily in a few minutes.

These day majority of android app and game developers are using the Google adsense ads to earn some money. By blocking these ads cuts their revenue, which means that they have less money to cover their necessary expenses. So before using this guide think twice to whether you want to block ads or not.


How to Block Ads on Android

As we mention above to use this tweak you need a rooted device with Xposed Framework. Download and setup the Xposed Framework here.

Once the framework is installed, you have to install the latest version of XAd app on the framework. Open Xposed and tap on “Modules”. Now check the box before Xad. See the screenshot below for example.

Block Ads In Android

Once the module pack in installed on your device, reboot the device and open any application and now all the Google ads are removed. Now you can enjoy ads free application and games on your android tablets and smartphones. For more info about the module pack and information about the tweak do check the XDA forum thread here.