How to Automatically Mute Your Android Phone

Whether you’re in a meeting, at work or in bed, having your phone unexpectedly go off notifying you of a message or call can be annoying. At that time you can use the volume rockers button of your device to control the sound of your device. But if you want more control on the sound of your phone, then you have to try the Silent Hours Free android app. The app allows you to set up schedules within which the sound on your phone is muted at specified times. One of the best and easiest way to take the control on your android notification and ringers.

With this application you can set the Silent Hours on your device and mute the audio on your device every day during the periods you set. The application has some other features too like Mute games, music, enable vibration, Lower brightness to desired level, Disable notification lights etc.

Mute Your Android Phone

How to Setup Silent Hours on Android Phone

Visit the Google play store application on your device and download the Silent Hours app on your device. You can find the download link at the end of this post. Once the app is installed, run the app from your app drawer. On the first screen you will see the option “Quick Mute”, which mute all the sounds from your phone for a set time period. TO set the time use the slider and setup your time to mute the device.

Quick Mute Android

The next option of the application is “Schedule”. With the help of this feature you can create schedules of when and on which areas of your phone all sound will be muted. To start the
process of creating a new schedule press on the ‘+’ symbol at the top of the menu. Now you can set the time interval on your device and also select the areas of your phone you want to mute. See the screenshot below for the example.

Schedule Mute Option in Android

To delete the schedule time long press the schedule time slot and tap the Delete button.

Download Silent Hours Android App here