3 Ways to Record Calls on Your Android

Most of the time when you call some customer support team, at that time you will hear a message that this call will be recorded. Are you looking for the same way to record all your incoming and outgoing calls on your Android Smartphone. Thanks to Google play store, now your android mobile also record call with the help of some free android application. Yes there are so many free and paid application are available on the Google play store which provides you the feature to record calls on your android. By default this feature in not available in the Android smartphone, but with the help of some third party application you can enable this feature on your Android smartphones. With the help of these application you can record your important conference call and interviews on your android smartphone.

If you have the Android smartphone, you’re in luck. Now you can record all you calls without buying any call recorder or any other device on your personal android smartphone. Today here we present you the list of best android application to record calls.

Android Apps to Record Calls on Android Smartphones

1. Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder
Automatic Call Recorder

This application allows you to record call automatically, all you have to set the contacts and numbers in which you want to use the application. So every time when you received call from those specific contacts the application will the start the recording automatically and save the same on your device. Not only this with the helps of this free app you can save all your recording on your Dropbox account and easily search all your recording from the application Inbox.

2. Call Recorder

Call Recorder
Call Recorder

Another nice and free application to record phone call on android smartphones. TO start the recording on your devcie just turn on the application form the settings menu and after that it will record all the call on your device. You can listen back to the recorded audio files any time you want. You can also Lock all your recording calls from the settings of the app, so no one can listen your phone recordings.

3. Record My Call: Call Recorder

Record My Call - Call Recorder
Record My Call – Call Recorder

To record call with this application you need a microphone, after that you can easily record all your outgoing and incoming calls. Also allows you to save all recording on your Dropbox account. All conversations are recorded under file “RecordMyCall” file in memory card and from here you can listen your recorded call any time and share with it others.

All the above mention application are free to download and you can download them from the Google play store. From the above mention list, I am using the Call recorder android app and using it from long time. Looking for more best list of application, click here.