Record Phone Calls on Android With Call Recorder

Are you looking for app which allows your to record your outgoing call on your Android smartphone. Call recorder is one of the best app to record calls on your smartphone. The free app is available for android smartphone with lots of features. Call Recorder allows you to record your outgoing telephone calls. The entire call is recorded and saved on your phone.

With the help of this free android application you can records all calls and saves them to the SD card of your android device. So with this way you can move all your recorded call to the pc and play them in your media player. Also it has lots of features like Enable/Disable call recording, Send recorded items to email, Delete recorded items and more.

Call recorder Android App

All you have to do is download install the app from google play store on your android mobile phone and enable the recording mode from the application, so you can record the outgoing and incoming call easily with the call recorder app.

Enable Call recorder

You can also lock your recording files with the help of this app, so no one can play those files and delete it from your android device, To lock the file you have to go setting of the application and lock the file. App has also the automatic cleaning option which helps you to auto clean all recorded file from the device. All you have to select the time frame files to delete the recordings.

Delete Call recordings

But remember one thing the app doesn’t work with bluetooth handset and handsfree. So don’t use them to record the call. Some phones does not support recording from the phone line. So this application wont work. The list of non supported devices will be updating.

Download Call Recorder App

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  1. Arun,

    Have you had any issues with only one side being recorded? I honestly havent found any app to be very satisfying. i use a service called recordiapro which is nice but id love to find an app

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