Xiaomi Tightens HyperOS Unlock Bootloader Policy

Xiaomi is working on the new HyperOS unlock bootloader policy for the upcoming phones. Now they are restricting the unlock bootloader process. This restriction, initially expected to apply in China, remains unclear regarding its impact on the global market.

HyperOS Unlock Bootloader

Unlocking the bootloader is essential for installing custom ROMs on the phone with the help of custom TWRP or to root the phone with magisk. Now after applying these new restrictions, it will not that eay for the users to install custom ROM or Root the phone. As per the sources and leaks Xiaomi is secretly trying to restrict the bootloader unlocking process.

Xiaomi Unlock Bootloader New Policy

This new policy is currently only for China, but it is expected to be rolled out globally soon.

1. Your Mi Account should be at level 5 in the Xiaomi Community

2. Fastboot questionnaire required (If you fail to answer the questions or fail the approval, you need to wait 7 days before reapplying.)

3. Unlocking permission valid for 1 year

4. No OTA updates for unlocked bootloader

5. Unlock up to 3 devices per year

6. The waiting period for unlocking is now 72 hours, down from the previous 168 hours.

7. Do not use the device for abnormal purposes after unlocking, otherwise the account will be blocked.

8. A SIM card is still required to complete the unlocking permission process.

These changes will make it more difficult for users to unlock the bootloader on their Xiaomi devices. This is likely to be a disappointment for users who want to flash custom ROMs or other modifications. However, Xiaomi is likely to argue that these changes are necessary to protect users and the security of its devices.

So what are your thoughts about this new Xiaomi Unlock Bootloader policy. Should Xiaomi release the same for the Global or Indian users, or they have to made some changes in these new restrictions to unlock.