Two Ways to Use WhatsApp WithOut Phone Number

There is no doubt that WhatsApp is one of the most downloaded chat messengers. And every smartphone users is using is it to chat with friends and relatives. Usually, WhatsApp is a free messaging app that lets users create a free account using a mobile number and make use of all its incredible features. But today here in this guide we will show you Two Ways to Use WhatsApp WithOut Phone Number.

Yes, you can use the WhatsApp without a Phone number. It’s a tricky method and works on any phone whether it is Android or iOS. Most of the Mobile OS platforms use this messaging app using a SIM card or with mobile/Phone number. But most of the users don’t want to use their phone number to install the WhatsApp or they are not comfortable to share their number with Whatsapp users. If you are the phone user and looking for a way to install WhatsApp messenger without mobile number and SIM card. So, I have come up with an optimum solution for your query.

Two Easiest Ways to Use WhatsApp WithOut Phone Number

If your device doesn’t support to have a SIM card like Ipad or andy Tablet, you need not worry about how to use WhatsApp. Just make sure that your device has the internet connection and Google play store installed to install WhatsApp and other apps to run the WhatsApp without a Phone number. There are two different methods to use WhatsApp without a mobile or phone number. Check it out!

TextNow method To Use WhatsApp WithOut Sim Card

1. Download the TextNow or text plus app on your device either from the Google Play Store, iTunes App Store or the Windows Phone Store.

2. Once that is done, open the app to begin its setup process. And here you will get the temporary mobile number to verify the WhatsApp installation.

3. After that, Install the Whatsapp on your phone and open up Whatsapp, select your home country as before, and type in the number given to you by the TextNow app.

4. You need to wait for 5 minutes for the SMS verification to fail. Once the SMS verification failed on your phone, you will be prompted to call your number. Just hit on the Call Me button to receive an automated call from WhatsApp.

5. Now note down the verification number that you received on your call and put in the Whatsapp verification screen.

That’s it! You have now successfully created a WhatsApp account without a Phone number.

Landline Method to Run WhatsApp Without Mobile Number

1. Open up the WhatsApp application on your phone, tablet or PC.

2. Enter Your Home Phone/Landline number on the setup ascreen of Whatsapp.

3. Wait for Verification by SMS to Fail.

4. After about 5 minutes verification by SMS will fail and you will be presented with an option to Call Me.

5. Click on the Call Me option to get a call from WhatsApp to your home landline number that you entered in the Whatsapp.

6. You will now get an automated call from WhatsApp to your landline number. An automated voice will repeat your 6 digit verification code numerous times. Note down this verification code and enter this verification code into WhatsApp.

7. Complete the Setup Process.

Once you have verified WhatsApp on your device, complete the setup process and you are ready to start talking to your friends on WhatsApp without using your mobile phone number or SIM card. Are there other methods that you know of that will work as well? Let us know in the comments!