How to Turn Off the Google Camera Shutter Sound

Google Camera is one of the awesome camera application available in Google play store with lots nice features like Photo Sphere, Lens Blur and Panorama. But most of the user hate the shutter sound of the camera and their is no way to silent the camera sound and most of the user are looking for the way to disable the camera shutter sound. But if you have the rooted phone then you can easily do the same on your device with a simple and easy trick. All you have to rename one file on your device and you are almost done. If you are not rooted, all you can do is mute your device. But if you want to permanently mute the camera click sound then read the below mention guide and follow all the steps very carefully.

Turn Off the Google Camera Shutter Sound

Disable Camera Sound (Rooted User)

Visit the Google play stone on your phone and install the ES File manger app. You need this root file manager to change the file rename. To rename the files you need to mount the file system read-write (r/w), since it’s normally mounted read-only and you can’t rename, move, or delete files at all. To do this:-

1. Touch the lower left menu key.

2. Enable “Root Explorer” and Tap the “Root Explorer” tab.

3. Use “Mount R/W” menu and enable the R/W option. See the screenshot below:-


Now go to the system/media/audio/ui and then rename the file camera_click.ogg. In future if you want to enable the sound again then you can easily do that by renaming the file.


That’s it! Now the camera sound is disable on your phone and you can click pictures without the shutter sound.