Add Extra Storage on Your Google Nexus 5 Smartphone

Most of the Nexus 5 users are complaining about one problem that they can’t expand the internal storage of their device. Most of the android devices comes with the microSD card slot which allows you to expand the storage of the device using the memory cards. But in nexus 5 you can’t find the micro card slot that means you can’t use the memory card on the phone. But with simple trick you can add extra storage on your nexus 5 phone, to do this all you need a rooted phone, OTG cable and a USB drive. If your Nexus 5 is not rooted, then read our guide here how to unlock the boot loader and root the phone. Lets take a look how to do that with simple and easy steps.

Add Extra Storage on Your Google Nexus 5

Requirements for this guide:-

a) Rooted Nexus 5
b) USB OTG cable
c) Any USB thumb drive

Steps to Follow:-

Once the nexus 5 is rooted, go to the Google play store and install the free application called StickMount. With the help of this app you can access your USB drive on your device and browse all the files on your phone.


Once the app is installed on your phone, run the app on your device and activate the application once and you are almost done to attach the USB drive on your phone.

Now plug the OTG cable on your phone and then plug your USB thumb drive into the larger side. See the screenshot below:-


Now StickMount will show up with a dialog box asking if you want to mount this drive. Tap on the OK button to proceed and you are ready to use the drive on your phone. Now open any of your favorite file explorer on your device. Here you can see the usbStorage folder on your phone SD card. Now you can move and copy file between your device and thumb drive.