Show Temperature & Weather Icons in Notification Bar of Android Device

Want to add the temperature and weather icons on your Android device notification or status bar. Yes you can do this easily without rooting your device, all you have to download the application from Google play store to show the weather and temperature status on your Android Notification bar. There are tons of widgets are available which allows you to see the temperature and weather status on your device, but none of them will show you the details on Notification or Status bar. To check these details you have to pull down the notification bar. But with the help of MeteoNotifier is android app, you can see them in the top of your Home screen next to clock and data signals, i mean to say in the notification bar.

All these icons are visible all the time on your screen, You don’t need to pull down notification bar to check the weather details and temperature. The app is totally free and very easy to use. Check out the guide below how to add Temperature, Weather details in Android Notification Bar.

How to Show Temperature and Weather Icons in Android Notification Bar

Before starting the tutorial lets see the screenshot of the app, how it looks on the android screen. See the screen shot below, this app is nicely showing temperature as well as an icon for cloudy weather in notification bar of my Android Nexus 4.

Show Temperature  Weather Icons in Notification Bar Android
Show Temperature Weather Icons in Notification Bar Android

Lets discuss how to use this app, as we mention above the app is free and you can download it from the Google play store or you can find the link of the MeteoNotifier Android app at the end of the post. Just install the application on your mobile or smartphone and run it from the home-screen. On the first screen of the application you can see 4 tabs, the very First tab is “Town”. Here you have to enter the name of your city or just click “Find Me!”. If you manually typed your city, click on “Valid” button. I prefer the “Find me” Option, it really helpful to validate your settings.

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Second tab is “Font”, from here you can select the font colors of the notification. The third Tab is “Tempo”. From here you can you specify the frequency of refresh of weather in the app. Minimum frequency is 1 hour. Select the frequency in which you want to refresh the weather update. Last and Fourth tab is “Theme”, from here you can choose the them for notification, Currently the app supported only four themes. In the above screenshot we are using the Standard theme.

Free Android App

Currently the app in starting stage and temperature is displayed in Celcius only, no option to see in Fahrenheit. One of the easy and simple way to show Temperature and ether info on notification without rooting your android device. Looking for more Android Apps, Click here!

Download MeteoNotifier Android app [Google Play Store Link]

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