How to Run Blackberry Apps on Any Android Phone [NO ROOT]

As we know that Blackberry is famous for it software and security features and many android users want to test the Blackberry applications on their android phones. Now its possible and you can easily install the Blackberry Apps on any android phone and without rooting your phone. All credit goes to the XDA forum senior member cobalt232, who released the Blackberry manager application for the android users. With the help of that single app, you can install lots of other applications on your android phone.

To install this application on your phone your android should be running on Android 5.0 or higher. No root required to install the app on your phone. All you have to download one apk file on your phone and install the same on your phone to run all the latest Blackberry app on your android phone. So let’s take a look and download the blackberry manager on Android phone.

Blackberry Apps that are available for android

* Blackberry Calendar
* Blackberry Contacts
* Blackberry Hub
* BlackBerry Hub+ Services
* Blackberry Keyboard
* Blackberry Launcher
* Blackberry Notes
* BlackBerry Notable
* Blackberry Passwordkeeper
* BlackBerry Privacy Shade
* Blackberry Universalsearch
* Blackberry Tasks

Download Blackberry manager Apk file for android

Click here to download the apk file of blackberry manager here.

How to install Blackberry Apps on Any Android

1. Uninstall all Blackberry apps that you may have installed with the root method and reboot your device. If not then go to the second step.

2. Download and install Blackberry Manager (grant permission to Storage on Android 6.0)

3. Read the notes in the help menu

4. Install the apps of your choice directly from Blackberry Manager

5. Reboot your device after installing Blackberry Hub+ Services or things may not work

That’s it. now the Blackberry apps are successfully installed on your phone.