Receive Android SMS on GMail With SMS2Gmail

If you are forgetful person, who mostly forgets his android phone at home and missing all of your incoming SMS. Now worries now you can receive all your incoming messages on your personal Gmail account with the help of SMS2Gmail free android app. This free application allows you to forward all of your important SMS and call info to your Gmail account even if you don’t have your smartphone with you.

With the help of app you can forward your SMS messages and missed calls to a user defined gmail account, and you can activate it remotely. If your phone is at home for example and you are not, send it an SMS from a friends phone or webtext and activate this service. So you can receive your messages on your Gmail account easily.

Some of the best features of SMS2Gmail Android app.

1. Auto Forwards incoming SMS to Gmail account.

2. Auto Forwards missed call info to Gmail account.

3. Contact lookup.

4. Remote activation from device other than your own.

Download SMS2Gmail App here