Protect Your iPhone & Data With Lookout

Always worried about your iPhone security and data when using public Wi-Fi and about stolen or lost. Now You can Protect your iPhone with Lookout Mobile Security, its a free app with lots of feature like Find Lost iPhone, notify you when connecting to unsecured WiFi, manage your iPhone or iPad remotely over the web and more.

Lookout can even show you which apps can access your location and personal data. With better insight, you can take better control of your security and privacy.

Checkout the Features of Lookout iPhone app:-

1. Locate Your Lost iPhone easily.

2. Lose Your Phone? Don’t Lose Your Data. – If you lose your phone, restore your contacts to your existing phone without a hassle once you get it back.

3. Security and Privacy – Lookout can help you avoid risky behavior, like connecting to an unsecured WiFi network, downloading a malicious app, postponing security updates or clicking on a fraudulent link.

4. Get updates to your phone automatically over the air so you can ensure that you are always protected.

Download Lookout Mobile Security App for iPhone here

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