Organize, Manage Android Mobile From Your PC

Manage your Android Device from PC is much easier, with this app you can organize all you files and video easily from your computer. One of the best and easiest way to transfer files between your PC and Android.

SnanPea recently launched a app for android users, which allows them to manage mobile phone easily and fastly from the computer. The app is free to download and can be installed on any Windows PC. The app allows you to manage all your files like music, video, apps, etc from the PC. All you have to do is install the app on your Windows PC and connect your Android device with USB Data Cable or WiFi connection.

SnapPea Manage Android From PC
SnapPea Manage Android From PC

It was the one of the best way to Sync your android to your PC, once the app is installed, you are ready to sync music, videos and images between the two. You can also read SMS from the app or send the message directly from the desktop app without using your android device.

It has lots of features like Import iTunes music library and allows you to install thousand for free app on your device without using your data plan. The best thing of the app is that you can download app directly from the desktop application, with this method you can save lots of mobile data plan. Also it can imports all you iTunes music library with a single click.

Check out the Video Demo Below:-

Right now the app is in beta stage and only available for Windows PC users, but the SnapPea developers are looking for other options in the future as well. In the end all we can say that, we tested this app on your PC and it works smoothly and one of the best to way to organize Android mobile from PC.

Download SnapPea App for Windows

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