10 Best Xiaomi Mi3 MIUI V5 Tips You Should Know About

Mi3 is the latest android smartphone from the Xiaomi and running on the Android MIUI V5 rom. We recently bought the new device and impress with the performance of the phone. The phone comes with lots of new feature which are really useful and one of the best features we have seen in the phone. Once thing we like about the Mi3 is that easy to customize and you can personalize each and everything very easily. Today in this guide we will show you some tips which your can use on or MIUI V5 Rom or Xiaomi Mi3 android smartphone. The tips are really easy to use and one of the best way to use your phone in much easier way.

Below are the list of some tips for Xiaomi Mi3 users. If you already know them, then consider this as a review to remind you of the reasons you love MIUI V5.

Xiaomi Mi3 MIUI V5 Tips

Xiaomi Mi3 MIUI V5 Tips

1. Double click on the lock image of you phone (the area marked in the first picture below) can switch between music player and lockscreen. An Easy way to play music form the lockscreen.


2. Long press on Home button in lockscreen mode can turn on the flashlight. Fasterst way to enable the torch on lockscreen.


3. You can click the pictures with voice commands. Use the Audio capture function. Your hands will be free from now on.


4. You may find it hard to press the shutter when you’re trying to take a picture of your self. But you may not know, the shutter key is not your only choice. The other option is Volume Keys. Go to Camera settings—Volume Key Functions


5. Long press on any icon in Toggles to enter its setting page. With this way you can easily of the settings page of the app or function.


6. Press volume up key and back key together can unlock the phone (without a password).

7. Want to Imports your old phone contacts on your Mi3. Press Menu button in the Contacts page, choose Import/export, and then choose Import from other phone.


8. Like taking pictures of yourself? Turn on the Front camera mirror, and your pictures will no longer be reversed.

Front camera mirror

9. Want to add some message or quotes on the lock screen. Go to Security > Screen Security >> Owner Info >> Show owner info on lock screen and write the message you want.

Add text on Lock screen Mi3

10. Use Guest mode to hide all you personal data. Go to Security > Privacy Protection and Enable the Guest mode to hide all you personal files.