Download MIUI 13 System Launcher for POCO Phones

Here in this guide, we will show you how to disable the POCO Launcher from POCO Phones and Install the Latest MIUI 13 System Launcher. All the Xiaomi POCO Phone comes with the POCO Launcher, but most POCO phones users want to uninstall the POCO Launcher and want to use the MIUI 13 System launcher on their POCO Devices.

MIUI 13 System Launcher

But to uninstall the POCO Launcher is not that easy, and POCO Launcher has not had that many features as compared to the MIUI 13 System Launcher. So here we’ll guide you on how you can do that and Replace the POCO Lauche with MIUI 13 System Launcher.

To follow this process you need a ROOTED POCO Phone, without root you can’t make changes to your system files, So to replace the POCO Launcher with MIUI Launcher you need to Root the POCO Phone with Magiusk manager. Once the Phone is rooted follow the below mention steps to download the MIUI 13 System Launcher for POCO Phones.

How to Download MIUI 13 System Launcher for POCO Phones

1. As we mentioned above to get started you need a ROOTED Phone with Magisk manager.

2. Download the MIUI 13 Launcher Magisk Module here and save the zip file on your phone’s internal memory.

3. Now open the magisk manager app on your phone and go to the module section.

3. Form here the select the Zip file that you saved on your to install MIUI 13 Launcher and Install with magisk manager.

4. Now reboot your phone and set the MIUI System launcher as your default launcher.

Now MIUI 13 System Launcher is installed on your POCO Phone. So this way you can remove the POCO launcher from your phone and install the MIUI 13 System launcher on your POCO Device.

Thanks to LF5 @LF524 for the Magisk Module

Video Guide to Install MIUI 13 System Launcher on POCO Phones