Jeannie Your Personal Assistant For Android

Siri is the well knows feature in new iPhone 4S which works as your personal assistant and schedules all your tasks. On the other hand Iris is the clone of Siri for Android, which works a the personal assistant for your Android device. But today we will discuss about the new Android app, Jeannie. Jeannie is a new personal assistant for your Android Phone.

Jeannie works in conversation mode, it allows you to control your phone through speech commands. It really works as your personal assistant which helps you to set up reminders, send text messages and emails as scheduled, search images, news and much more. The app is available on Android phones and iPhone. Jeannie can answer you in several different languages.

The free app allows you to do everything that Voice Search and Google’s Voice Actions already let you do, but also allows you to control apps like set alarms and reminders and send text messages, email. You can Download the Jeannie amdroid app from here.