Download & Install Tekken Game on Android Free [No root, No Emulator]

Tekken game is one of the most famous games and one of the most selling game in PlayStation. But do you now that you can Install Tekken Game on your Android phone free and play without any error. So here in this guide, we let you know how to play the Tekken game on android and where to download the Tekken Android Game. Now to enjoy this game you don’t need PlayStation or Windows PC, you can directly play on your Android smartphone.

This guide will work on android smartphone whether it is rooted or not. We tested this game on our Redmi note 4, and it works fine. All You download some files on your Android phone, and you can play the Tekken game on your phone.

Install Tekken on Android Phone
Install Tekken on Android Phone

How to Install Tekken Game on Android

Read all the steps very carefully and follow all the steps one by one on your phone. To play Tekken game on Android, you don’t need an emulator root the phone. All you have to just download the Tekken game zip file. So now let’s move ahead and see how to download and install Tekken game Apk On Android For Free.

Download Tekken Game on Android Free

Visit this link to download the Tekken Game zip file. Once the files are downloaded, upzip the folder, and you will see two files one is the Tekken apk file to install the Game and One Folder which you have to save on your phone to run the game smoothly.

1. Install the Tekken apk file on your phone. And Don’t run it now.

2. In the Android Folder, you will see an obb folder. In that, you will see a eu.bandainamcoent.Tekkenmobile folder.

3. Copy that folder and go to your phone file explorer and Locate the Android folder.

4. In the Android folder, you will see an obb folder. Open that folder and paste the eu.bandainamcoent.Tekkenmobile inside that folder.

If the Obb folder is not in the Android folder, that creates the new obb folder and paste that eu.bandainamcoent.Tekkenmobile folder.

5. Once complete, Run the Tekken game on your phone. First-time it will take some time to open.

6. Now you can easily play the Tekken Game on Android Free.

So this is the easy way to play the famous Tekken game on your smartphone, No need to root the phone and no need to use the Emulator to play the Tekken game.

You can also check out the video below how to install Tekken Game on Android.

Direct Link of the Youtube Video.

I hope and wish that this method did work for you to Download & Install Tekken Apk On Android For Free, if not you can contact us through our comment section, or you can even ask us your doubt.