How To Install Google Launcher on Xiaomi Mi 3 MIUI 5 or MIUI 6

Want to install Google Now launcher on Xiami Phone like MI3, Mi4 or Redmi 1s. Most of the users are not happy with the defaul launcher of Xiomi phione and want to replace it with the new Google now launcher. But some of the users can;’t find the way to apply the launcher on the MIUI devices, here is the complete tutorial which you can follow on any of your Xiaomi android device and apply the Google launcher with in a seconds. To do this all you have to install the launcher form the play store and make some changes on the Settings page.

We tested the launcher on our MI 3 running on MIUI 5 and MIUI 6, the process is very simple and work on all the xiaomi devices which are running on the MIUI ROM. Lets take a look how to install and apply the launcher.

Install Google Launcher on Xiaomi

Google Now launcher Setup on Xiaomi

Step 1.
Open the Google play application on your phone and install the Google Now Launcher application, and Google Search app. You need to install both these application to use the launcher on Mi3, Mi4 or Redmi.

Step 2. Once the application are installed, run the Google now launcher form the app drawer, and it will ask you to make some change on the settings. Cancel this popup. See the screenshot.


Step 3. Now Go to Settings > Apps and Click on the “Default App settings” icon.


Step 4. Now from the next page, click on the “Launcher” tab to make the changes.

Launcher Settings

Step 5. Now on the next page you will see the Google Now launcher. Here tap on the “Google Now launcher” or “Google Search” option and replace it with your default launcher.


That’s it, now the launchers is enabled on your Xiaomi MIUI phones.

4 thoughts on “How To Install Google Launcher on Xiaomi Mi 3 MIUI 5 or MIUI 6”

  1. It does not work for miui 6. On clicking the launcher tab, Google now launcher is not seen. Miui forum has many other users experiencing the same thing.

  2. Hi,
    I was trying to install Google Now to MI4, the app shows its installed but when I went to Default settings for Launcher page – there was no ‘Google Launcher’ available to select.

    I was installed all Google framework, services based on your articles. Thank you so much for your clear explanation and screen shots.

    Appreciate your help


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