HyperOS POCO Launcher Update – Install Now!

Recently HyperOS was released for the POCO F5 users and the new HyperOS comes with lots of new features like Lock screen customization, new walls, widgets, and the new HyperOS POCO Lauchner. Yes, after a long time, the POCO team updated the POCO Launcher and the new HyperOS POCO Launcher comes with new features, now the super folder is added to the launcher which POCO users have been waiting for a long time.

HyperOS POCO Launcher

As we all know the POCO devices come with the POCO Launcher and the rest of the other Xiaomi phones come with the MIUI system launcher. Both launchers have different features, and in some cases, the POCO Launcher lacks certain features that the MIUI Launcher has.

Now the new update brings some new features and animation is much smoother than the previous updates. So here we let you know how to install and download the new HyperOS POCO Launcher Update on your POCO Phones.

HyperOS POCO Launcher Update

The new updates is released with the HyperOS update for POCO F5 and super folder features is finally added in this update. Which allows you to change the look of the group folder in the POCO Phones.

If you are a POCO Phone user and want to try this new feature on your phone, then all you have to update your old POCO Launcher with this new HyperOS POCO Launcher Update.

HyperOS POCO Launcher

Download HyperOS POCO Launcher for POCO Phones

To apply this update on your POCO phone, you have to install the latest launcher APK file on your phone. The APK is extracted from the latest HyperOS Update for the POCO F5 phone. Just download the apk from the below-mentioned download link and install the same on your phone.

Once the Lauchner Update is installed on your phone, you can use the super folder on your POCO Phones same as the MIUI Launcher. Even the animations are smoother than the previous version of POCO Launcher updates.

If you want to try the new HyperOS Control Center on your POCO phone, then you can download the HyperOS control center apk from here.

Download HyperOS POCO Launcher APK here