How To Remove Saved Web Password From Android

These days smartphone are really useful to surf website, social media accounts and check email accounts. Smartphone are also powered with lots of features, save web password is one of them. With this your smartphone can remember and fill in usernames and passwords for your various web accounts. But sometime these saved password will create problems because any one can login your account on your smartphone.

Today in this tutorial we will explain you how you can wipe the saved web password easily. The best option is solve this problem is to select “Never for this site” or “Not now” when your phone offers to save passwords for your most important accounts. But in case you saved some password on your device follow the below tutorial to remove them from your smartphone.

Remove Saved Web Password From Android

How to Wipe Saved Web Password from Android Phone

Step 1. Open the Default browser of your Android device.

Step 2. Open the Menu and select Settings.

Step 3. Select Privacy from the list, here you can see the Passwords section.

Step 4. Now hit the “Clear passwords.” You’ll get one last chance to change your mind; if you’re ready to go ahead, tap the “OK” button.

That’s it now all saved password are removed from your Android default browser. If you are using the Google Chrome browser on your android device then follow these instructions.

Step 1. Open Google Chrome Browser.

Step 2. Tap the Menu button, select Settings, then tap “Privacy”.

Step 3. Now Select Clear Browsing Data and don’t forget to check Clear saved Password from the list.

That’s it after that all your Google chrome Browser password are removed.

Video Demo:- Remove Saved Web Password From Android

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