How to Fix Nexus 5 Connection Problem on Windows PC

From last few days we are receiving so many mails from our readers about Nexus 5 connection problem in Windows PC, most of the user can’t connect their Nexus 5 with windows PC. Being unable to connect to your PC which means that no files can be transferred from one device to the other and not even the Nexus 5 is visible in the My computer or File explorer. The main reason of this problem is Windows 8.1 update, which installs inconsistent drivers when you plug the Nexus 5 for the first time. So today in this guide we’ll show you how to solve this problem on your windows PC without installing any tool or any application.

The process is very simple and all you have to make some change on your windows pc and you can easily connect your nexus device with the PC. Here is how to fix the Nexus 5 connection to PC issue:

Fix Nexus 5 Connection Problem on Windows PC

Step 1. To get started first make sure that the MTP is enabled on the Nexus 5. To do this go to the Settings > Storage > Menu > USB connection to the computer.

Step 2. Now connect your nexus 5 to the PC with USB cable.

Step 3. Once the device is connected. Open the device manager. (open the search box and type in “Device Manager”)

Step 5. Now on the device manager page look for the option connected devices like name phone, Acer ADB Interface, or something else specific to your device.

Step 6. Now right click on it, and press “update” (choose Local Disk and not Online).

Step 7. From the next screen Choose MTP USB Driver.

Step 8. Once the installation is complete, you will see the Nexus 5 on the device manager.

Now you can manage file between your PC and Nexus 5.