Enable Galaxy S3 Smart Stay Feature On any Android Device

Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the best android smartphone available in the market, with lots of feature and improvement. Smart Satay is one them, which keeps the screen on while you are looking to your device by using the front camera of your phone to track your eyes. That means the screen will not turn off if you are looking to your device. This feature is not available in all other devices. But you are an android user and want this feature on your mobile, yes you can get this easily on your device.

iSeeYou Android App
iSeeYou Android App

All you have to so is install the free ISeeYou app from the Google play store. It’s a free to use Android app that keeps the screen on while you are looking your device. To use this app on your android device, you are running android 2.3 on your device and requires a front facial camera for face recognition.

Just install the app on your device and you are ready to go, All you have to start the service from the device and app will works automatically. Ensure that your device is capable of recognizing your face. The app is available in two versions, apid and free. The paid version allows you to change the scan interval and how long the camera will search for your face, the free version does not allow any changes.

One of the best and smart app that keeps the screen on when you are looking at your phone. The app is useful to all android user who don’t want to tap again and again to turn the screen on. You have to must try this app on your device, We tested this app on our HTC one X and works very well. So go to the Google play store and download the app on your device and enjoy the Smart Stay feature of Samsung Galaxy S3 on your device.

Download ISeeYou Android App