Download Official Twitter App for Android

Twitter finally released the twitter app for Android phones, with this new app you can view tweets geotagged on maps, see a friend’s tweets directly from the address book and share content from other apps. Users can retweet, reply, favorite or share tweets directly from the timeline. Unfortunately, the app won’t be usable for many … Read more

Android OS Now On The iPhone

Dev-Team member Planetbeing apparently just managed to port Google’s Android Mobile OS to the iPhone. In his blog, planetbeing shared a video with the world that shows an iPhone 2G successfully running Android OS. Planetbeing admits that the Android OS does not yet run at “production quality” on the iPhone, but “pretty much everything” works. … Read more

HTC launches Android HTC Legend in India

Today HTC launched  a new Android-based HTC Legend handset in the Indian market priced at Rs 25,990. The handset also features HTC Sense which includes a widget called Friend Stream that aggregates user’s social networking accounts. The HTC Sense feature also supports a newsreader application and widget as well as a new seven-screen ‘Leap’ thumbnail … Read more